Tuesday, May 01, 2007

One more game left and I don't have to see this until next year

First things first, the Spurs are a better team than the Denver Nuggets. I can except that. The Nuggets bench has contributed nothing in this series and there's no evidence to suggest that that's going to change in Game 5 in San Antonio. Meanwhile, Robert Horry and Manu Ginobli coming off the Spurs bench have been key to the Spurs 3-1 series advantage. As hard and as well as the Spurs play together, is there a team in the NBA that whines more than the Spurs? The whole Tim Duncan/Joey Crawford episode could not have come at a worse time for the Nuggets. Tim Duncan has been called for one personal foul in nearly 2 and a half games of playoff basketball, mean while Carmelo is getting assaulted by two and sometimes three Spurs and is called for FOUR offensive fouls in one game. That's right 4 offensive fouls in one game. It's a head scratcher. The inconsistent officiating aside, the Nuggs have looked lost out on the court the last 3 games and only Nene and Carmelo have played with any inconsistency. It's hard to imagine any scenario where the Nuggets are able to get this thing back to Denver and not bow out of the playoffs in 5 games for the fourth straight year.

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