Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Catching up with Karl Mecklenburg

Catching up with my all time favorite Bronco, #77 Karl Mecklenburg......

When No. 77 hit someone, the city of Denver quaked, rumbled and shook. Sports Illustrated once dubbed him the “Snow Goose” – partially because of his Minnesota upbringing, partially because of his fair skin. But there was nothing peaceful about the way he played defense for the Denver Broncos.

As a 12 th -round pick in 1983 – the 310 th overall selection, to be exact – he overcame plenty of obstacles just to make an NFL roster. He was undersized for a lineman, but had never played linebacker in his life. He was given jersey No. 77 because he began his journey at defensive end, but when it was finished, he'd played nearly every position on Denver's defense.

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From Mile High Sports Magazine