Thursday, April 26, 2007

NFL draft coverage

Anyone else tired of the endless NFL draft coverage? Don't get me wrong, I love the draft but any yahoo can make a mock draft and ESPN and the NFL Network have inundated us with endless (and mindless) draft "countdowns". Gah, I get it. The draft is this weekend and Calvin Johnson is the best prospect in 10 years, Amobi Okoye is just 19 years old, Brady Quinn went to Notre Dame, JaMarcus Russell can throw the ball over that there mountain from his knees and so on. This weekend also marks the return of the hair, Mel Kiper Jr. This dork is actually a genius, not in that his takes on the latest batch of college kids has any validity or accuracy, because he has made a very successful career of being wrong, a lot, and ESPN still pays him. Actually I'm a little jealous, I'd love to be wrong as often as Kiper is and still keep my job. I digress. With that I present to you my 2007 mock draft.

1. Raiders-Who Cares?
2. Detroit-Matt Millen is an idiot, he'll fuck it up
3. Cleveland-Another colossal failure at a position of need
4 Tampa Bay- Lee Roy Selmon
5. Arizona-Does it matter?
6. Washington- Daniel Snyder trades pick for _______ entire draft and manages to not get a single contributer
7. Minnesota-Okay, you know what I don't care and I don't have a clue....

I can't do this. All that I care about is who the Denver Broncos draft. Hopefully the needs at DL, S, OT and WR are addressed and then everyone of the so called draft experts can rip each of these kids to shreds and tell us how much of a reach each prospect was. Sadly, I will be watching as each one of these kids is ripped to shreds and then I'll be logging on to the message boards to see other fans and draft experts takes and try to convince my self that the broncos have improved. So, I'm sick of all the pontificating and speculating but yet, like a moth to a flame, I'm drawn to all this hype and coverage. Arggghhhhhhhh!!!! What's my problem!!!!!

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